Loop11 Updates: Track participants, Re-categorise multiple URLs, Pop-up invitation control, Improved reporting and more

It’s been a while since we posted an update about Loop11, but we’ve just launched some new features, and we wanted to let you know about them.

Apart from the many minor (oh, alright…and a couple of major) bug fixes we made recently, we’ve also improved the performance of our servers so page load speeds should be faster.

The other key changes include:

Track participants using unique IDs

If you want to track participants so you know who to provide incentives to you can customise the end of the URL with a unique ID for each participant. You can find this new feature in Step 3 – User Test Options and full details of the process here.

Re-Categorise multiple URLs at a time

Instead of re-categorising one URL at a time you can now re-categorise multiple URLs at the same time. You can find this new feature in the reporting of any task.

Pop-up invitation controls

If you are recruiting your participants by intercepting them via your website, you now have a feature allowing you to control the percentage of visitors that you ‘invite’. You can find this new feature in Step 4 – Invite Participants: Create a pop-up invitation for your own website.

Individual participant path analysis in exports

The full path analysis of individual participants was never made available in the exported reports. Don’t ask why. But it is there now.

Individual responses for Rating Scale Matrix questions

The results for rating scale matrix questions, while always available at an aggregated level were never available so you could see the individual participant responses. These can now be found in your reporting under Participants.

Most of these changes have come about from customer feedback. Just give us your opinion and we will happily take it on board!

Happy Testing!

Planes, trains and usability conferences.

May was a crazy month for us at Loop11. After kicking the month off at the Conversion Conference in San Jose, we came back to Australia for a few days, before heading off to Europe for a whirlwind tour. With the Icelandic volcano wreaking havoc, and British Airways staff going on strike, the odds of us getting stranded were high. However, with some perseverance and ingenuity, we prevailed and made it to every destination on time.

We attended the NNG conference in London for 2 few days to exhibit, then whizzed off to Munich for the “piece de resistance” for usability professionals; the 2010 UPA conference in Munich. This was the first time the annual UPA conference was held outside the USA. So we were a bit unsure of what to expect. But it turned out to be a great event, not just for UPA but for Loop11 too. We talked to a lot of usability and IT professionals wanting to know more about Loop11 and giving us very insightful feedback. Based on our discussions with people in Munich, we will be fast tracking some new features and offers to our members.

The most interesting thing about UPA 2010 in Munich, is how many people already knew about Loop11 and how many people were seeking us out to give specific feedback, or discuss how they want use Loop11 more in-depth. Maybe the fact we gave away an iPad helped generate a crowd. Congratulations to Maik Klotz for winning our iPad giveaway! Maik was one of the first people in Germany to own an iPad.

In the end in May, the Loop11 team spent over 150 hours travelling, talked to over 400 people and watched over 30 in flights movies. It was all worth it, as the events were a rousing success for Loop11, and we’ll definitely be attending them next year.

eMetrics & Conversion Conference 2010 – San Jose

We recently exhibited at the 2010 eMetrics / Conversion Conference in San Jose. It was great being in the Silicon Valley and meeting  all sorts of internet professionals. Our booth was a rousing success and the feedback we got was very positive. We even gave away an iPad on the last day. Congratulations to Rob Love from OpinionLab. The event was well organized, and we’ll definitly try to make it next year. Here are some pictures we took of the event.

The Loop11 Booth

What was with the Hippo at Google's booth?

Henri talking to Scott Calise from MTV

Our Loop11 stickers were very popular and seemed to be everywhere

Loop11 in UX magazine

Juliette Melton from UX Magazine has written a great review about Loop11. It’s an in depth comparison of Loop11 and other usability testing tools. She hits the spot when she says “it’s potentially very powerful”. She also goes on to describe some of Loop11’s features as something she hasn’t seen before. For anyone wanting to know the differences between Loop11 and other tools, this is a must read. To read the full review, go to the UX magazine article here:


Loop11 Road Trip

In May, we will be hitting the road to showcase Loop11 at three different events. So come and meet the Loop11 team, and receive exclusive offers and discounts!  The three events we are exhibiting at are:

-          Conversion Conference, San Jose, USA (May 4th-5th)

-          NNG London, London, UK ( May 19th-20th)

-          UPA 2010 Conference, Munich, Germany (May 22nd-28th)

Here’s your chance to come and meet us. Get all the latest Loop11 info and a special “buy one get one free” offer available exclusively to people who visit our booth us at these events. We’re also happy to answer any questions or discuss any issues or feedback you may have.

So, if you’re around, pop by our stand and talk to us. We’ll give you all the latest gossip and the special “buy one get one free” deal.

Happy testing!

Get 500 free participants for your next project! One Week Only!

Yes, that’s right, for every Loop11 credit purchased during the week commencing March 8th 2010, we will arrange for 500 participants to complete your user test! It’s as simple as that.

How this will work:

Just purchase a credit during the week commencing March 8th 2010 and ending March 14th 2010. You can use your credit at any time during that week or at any time in the future.  Contact us when you’re ready to launch it and we will arrange for 500 participants to complete your user test…at no cost to you.  Participants will be randomly sourced from MechanicalTurk.com.  To purchase a usability testing credit and get your 500 free participants, go here: https://www.loop11.com/account/purchase/

Happy Testing

72 Questions and Answers for Measuring Usability

Jeff Sauro from  Measuring Usability recently wrote an in-depth report about quantitative usability testing. We think it’s a great guide for people wanting to conduct their own usability studies (however  the report does cost USD $72 to purchase). In the report, Jeff clearly identifies the benefits of quantitative usability testing as well as explaining the best way to conduct a quantitative usability study.

What are the advantages of a Quantitative Usability Test?

Jeff explains that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Quantifying usability means making better decisions about usability data. By quantifying the reduction in problems and the increases in efficiency, decision makers will make better decisions regarding their website.

What are common usability metrics?

Although there is an international standard for measuring usability (ISO 9241), the standard leaves open the question of how to measure effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. The following metrics are the most common ways of measuring usability.

-          Usability Problems

-          Time on Task

-          Completion And Failure Rates

-          Errors

-          Satisfaction Ratings

-          Clicks / Pageviews / Navigation Path

What are the basic steps for conducting a quantitative usability test?

  1. Recruit participants
  2. Set-up and create a test
  3. Launch the test
  4. Analyse results

To purchase the report “72 questions and answers for measuring usability” go here: http://www.measuringusability.com/products/quantitativeReport

So what are you waiting for? Now you know why and how to conduct a quantitative usability study and with Loop11 your first project is free! Or for more information visit our F.A.Q.

Happy Testing!

Get your wireframes usability tested for free!

Current website or new wireframes – Which Works Best?

-   Do you have new wireframes for a current website?

-   Do you want to compare your new wireframes with your current website?

We’re putting a case study together to compare a current website with new wireframes. We are looking for people who have developed clickable wireframes that they would like to have usability tested and compared with the current website. The results will be published on our blog.

Using Loop11, we will ask 500 people to complete a few representative tasks on both the current website and the new wireframes.  Every movement and click will be tracked and analysed.  We will then write up a report comparing a range of usability metrics for both the wireframes and the current website.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has new wireframes for an existing website that they would like usability tested for free!

If that’s you, send us the URL of the existing website and an example of the wireframes, or even better, let us have access to the wireframes.

Simply send your details to: communication@Loop11.com

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