Get 500 free participants for your next project! One Week Only!

Yes, that’s right, for every Loop11 credit purchased during the week commencing March 8th 2010, we will arrange for 500 participants to complete your user test! It’s as simple as that.

How this will work:

Just purchase a credit during the week commencing March 8th 2010 and ending March 14th 2010. You can use your credit at any time during that week or at any time in the future.  Contact us when you’re ready to launch it and we will arrange for 500 participants to complete your user test…at no cost to you.  Participants will be randomly sourced from  To purchase a usability testing credit and get your 500 free participants, go here:

Happy Testing

72 Questions and Answers for Measuring Usability

Jeff Sauro from  Measuring Usability recently wrote an in-depth report about quantitative usability testing. We think it’s a great guide for people wanting to conduct their own usability studies (however  the report does cost USD $72 to purchase). In the report, Jeff clearly identifies the benefits of quantitative usability testing as well as explaining the best way to conduct a quantitative usability study.

What are the advantages of a Quantitative Usability Test?

Jeff explains that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Quantifying usability means making better decisions about usability data. By quantifying the reduction in problems and the increases in efficiency, decision makers will make better decisions regarding their website.

What are common usability metrics?

Although there is an international standard for measuring usability (ISO 9241), the standard leaves open the question of how to measure effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. The following metrics are the most common ways of measuring usability.

-          Usability Problems

-          Time on Task

-          Completion And Failure Rates

-          Errors

-          Satisfaction Ratings

-          Clicks / Pageviews / Navigation Path

What are the basic steps for conducting a quantitative usability test?

  1. Recruit participants
  2. Set-up and create a test
  3. Launch the test
  4. Analyse results

To purchase the report “72 questions and answers for measuring usability” go here:

So what are you waiting for? Now you know why and how to conduct a quantitative usability study and with Loop11 your first project is free! Or for more information visit our F.A.Q.

Happy Testing!

Get your wireframes usability tested for free!

Current website or new wireframes – Which Works Best?

-   Do you have new wireframes for a current website?

-   Do you want to compare your new wireframes with your current website?

We’re putting a case study together to compare a current website with new wireframes. We are looking for people who have developed clickable wireframes that they would like to have usability tested and compared with the current website. The results will be published on our blog.

Using Loop11, we will ask 500 people to complete a few representative tasks on both the current website and the new wireframes.  Every movement and click will be tracked and analysed.  We will then write up a report comparing a range of usability metrics for both the wireframes and the current website.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has new wireframes for an existing website that they would like usability tested for free!

If that’s you, send us the URL of the existing website and an example of the wireframes, or even better, let us have access to the wireframes.

Simply send your details to:

Online Usability Testing – Who’s more reliable?

We are often asked if using different types of participants will affect the quality of data from online usability studies.  For example, does a lab-based participant perform tasks the same way a participant from an online study does? Can we really trust data coming from online usability studies where participants might be getting involved just for the money?

These are all interesting points which were recently explored in a usability case study. The case study compared usability data from premium lab-based participants with cheaper online participants. The results were quite interesting. One might presume that the higher paid lab-based user would provide better quality data than their cheaper, online counterparts.  However this was not the case.  The results showed that satisfaction scores and completion rates obtained from the professional users were nearly identical and statistically indistinguishable to the lab-based users.

To read the full case study with analysis go here:

Loop11‘s Valentine’s Day Threesome

At Loop11, we’re all about sharing and spreading the love, but when the guys at Ethnio and Optimal Workshop asked us if we wanted to hook-up with them, we thought they were a bit weird. So we thought about it, and then accepted their offer. The result was the “UX Bundle”.

What is the UX Bundle?
The UX Bundle is a combined usability testing package (Loop11, Ethnio and Optimal Workshop). For the price of one Loop11 user testing credit ($350), you will also get 200 free participants from Ethnio, and a 3 month subscription to any Optimal Workshop tool.

All this for just $350! That’s three usability testing services for the price of one, and over $700 off the usual price. What a Deal!

This promotion starts today, and will run for 5 days only! From February 10 – February 14.

To purchase the UX bundle or for more information click here:

Loop11 Launches Blog!

Welcome to our first blog post, here you’ll find all our latest usability, user testing and Loop11 news, tips, developments and happenings. We’ll be updating the blog regularly, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and comments.

Since our public launch a few months ago, not only have we been launching marketing campaigns and initiatives to promote Loop11, but we have been attending conferences and events to demonstrate Loop11 and get feedback. We have received lots of positive reviews.

Here is a pick of the bunch: – Easy, Affordable Online User Testing – Top Ten Low Cost Ways to Improve Site Usability – Test Your Site Usability with Loop11 – Loop11: Online, Unmoderated User Testing – Loop 11: User Experience Testing Tool

Keep checking our blog for the latest usability testing tips and news.

Loop11 wins at the Australian Web Awards

CEO Toby Biddle accepting one of two web awards.

The good news just keeps coming!  Loop11 recently picked up two awards at the 2009 Australian Web Awards. The fact that Loop11 was not only nominated, but went on to win two awards whilst only launching publicly just a few months ago, shows just how unique and cutting edge Loop11 is.

Toby Biddle, our CEO attended the event to accept the award, and said: “Winning this award is a great reward for our efforts, however our aim is to create the simplest, most complete, online and unmoderated user experience testing tool. If in the process we win awards, then that’s fantastic!”. The two awards recieved were for “Edge Of The Web” and  “Best Sell To Corporate”.

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